Gov. Evers Visits Kenosha, Attorney for Blake Speaks Out

Gov. Evers Visits Kenosha, Attorney for Blake Speaks Out

Five days after the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, and after four nights of protests and violence, Governor Tony Evers visited Kenosha.


The governor met with local leaders and held a news conference yesterday. He talked about the clean-up in downtown Kenosha and called the art painted on the boarded-up windows amazing. The governor also said he feels he ‘met his obligations’ to Kenosha by sending hundreds of National Guard troops. Local leaders wanted more than a thousand.


The attorney for Jacob Blake says Blake wasn’t a threat to anyone on the day he was shot. Attorney Benjamin Crump said in a letter yesterday that Blake ‘didn’t harm anyone or pose any threat to the police.’ Video shows Blake fighting with Kenosha Police, then ignoring them as he reached into his car. Wisconsin’s Attorney General says Blake had a knife in that car.

Crump says Kenosha Police need to answer questions about why Blake was shot and the 17-year-old accused of Tuesday night’s shooting was n

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