U.S. DOJ Opening Civil Rights Investigation into Blake Shooting

U.S. DOJ Opening Civil Rights Investigation into Blake Shooting

The U.S. Department of Justice is opening a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting of Jacob Blake. 

Blake was critically wounded after being shot seven times in the back by a Kenosha Police officer during a confrontation over the weekend.  Officials say the FBI will be working with the State Department of Justice on the investigation which will be coordinated by the U.S. Attorney for Eastern Wisconsin and the Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department Civil Rights Division.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is condemning the police shooting of an African American man in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


She called it sickening to watch and all too familiar and said such occurrences “must end.”  Jacob Blake survived the shooting, but is in very serious condition and may never walk again.  Harris said people have a right to be angry and to engage in protests about racial injustice.  She also condemned any violence at protests and called for meaningful police reforms. 

On that note, several police agencies are not happy with the way the Evers Administration is handling the unrest in Kenosha. 

A number of sheriffs and police chiefs have written a letter to Governor Tony Evers and Lieutenant Governor Barnes asking that they stop making statements and issuing press releases about the Jacob Blake shooting until the facts of the investigation are known.  The letter says previous remarks made by Evers and Barnes have been premature, judgmental and inflammatory. 

The police group says continued remarks like those already made will put the lives of police officers, National Guardsmen and the public at risk.


On a national level,

President Trump says he is ready to deploy federal forces at a moment’s notice to stop violence in U.S. cities.

Trump told reporters that violent protests are mainly happening in Democratic-led cities.  He criticized the NBA for suspending playoff games as a protest against the recent police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Trump said the NBA has become like a political organization and has “very low ratings.” 

He did not respond to questions about Jacob Blake, the African American man who was shot by police multiple times as he tried to get into his vehicle. 

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