WI Reaction Continues: Madison Sees Riots, National Guard in Kenosha, Evers Calls Special Session

WI Reaction Continues: Madison Sees Riots, National Guard in Kenosha, Evers Calls Special Session

The conversation around Jacob Blake’s shooting in Kenosha is taking on a life of its own. Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes yesterday escalated the back-and-forth. Barnes said Blake’s shooting wasn’t an accident or bad police work, Barnes said it looks like some sort of vendetta on a member of the community. Barnes has had some of the strongest words about race and the police since the shooting on Sunday.

On the ground, the Wisconsin National Guard is helping to keep the peace in Kenosha. Governor Tony Evers yesterday ordered 125 guard members to the city to protect city buildings, as well as police officers and firefighters. The troops were on hand for a second night of violence last night. The governor is not saying how long the guard will stay on duty in Kenosha.

Chicago leaders are reacting to the video.  Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown was asked about the video at an un-related news conference.

Meanwhile, in other parts of our state, Madison’s few weeks of calm came to an end after Sunday’s officer-involved shooting in Kenosha. Hundreds of people took to the streets in Madison last night. They once again set fires, broke into stores, stole things, and clashed with police. There are no reports of any major injuries or any large scale arrests.

From the family, Jacob Blake’s cousin wants people to calm down. Herman Poster told Fox6 yesterday that his cousin is trying to ‘pull through’ in the hospital. Poster says Blake wants people in Kenosha to be peaceful. Blake is recovering after being shot seven times by a Kenosha police officer on Sunday.

On the political scene, Governor Tony Evers is responding to Jacob Blake’s shooting by calling lawmakers back to Madison to take-up police reform proposals that have gone nowhere in the past.

The governor yesterday ordered a special session for next week. He wants the Republican-controlled legislature to vote on Democratic-written plans that would implement a single, statewide use-of-force policy, and would require police officers to use force only when absolutely necessary. Lawmakers have turned-down the proposals at least twice before. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is offering to start a task force to look into police reforms, but the governor is not interested.

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