Pence Lands in WI

Pence Lands in WI

Vice President Mike Pence is keeping the pressure on in Wisconsin with a stop in the Badger State just days after the president’s visit. 


The uptick in appearances by the nation’s top Republicans comes as the Democrats hold their virtual convention this week.  Pence appeared at a metal fabricator in Darien where he touted the administration’s economic record and trade policies.

 Vice President Mike Pence says the nation’s economic recovery is on the ballot this year.

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He spoke in southern Wisconsin today and argued the choice in November is whether America remains the country that it is.  He claimed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would bring socialism along with them if elected.  Pence’s trip to Darien came as Democrats are basing their mostly virtual convention about an hour northeast of there in Milwaukee.

Pence added that Biden destroyed jobs in Wisconsin through trade deals he supported during his time in Washington.  Pence told those in attendance to get ready as the election is less than three months away.  He claimed the radical left has overtaken Biden in addition to the Democratic Party.

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