OsseOH, WI !

OsseOH, WI !

Visit Eau Claire recently announced that it is teaming up with the City of Osseo to promote more tourism to the region.

The City of Osseo joined the City of Eau Claire, the Town of Union, and the City of Altoona as one of Visit Eau Claire’s regional partners. The City of Osseo will have a new tourism microsite featured on VisitEauClaire.com that will be focused on providing both locals and visitors with information on things to do in Osseo. The website will be developed and managed by Visit Eau Claire and Simpleview.

This new partnership will allow Visit Eau Claire to attract more events to the region and promote tourism opportunities just a few miles short of the city of Eau Claire. “We are excited to add more sporting venues to our portfolio and be able to showcase even more outdoor recreational opportunities for the area”, said Benny Anderson, Visit Eau Claire’s Interim Executive Director.  “Overall, the partnership will broaden the number of attractions in our area and will in turn attract more visitors to come see what our region has to offer.”

The website development process is underway. 

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