Polling Places Prepare for In-Person Voting

Polling Places Prepare for In-Person Voting

You should wear a mask to the polls tomorrow, but you don’t have to.

The Wisconsin Election Commission is reminding people of the rules, and making a few suggestions, for anyone who plans to vote-in person. Masks are recommended, but not required. Polling places will have plenty of hand sanitizer and will be cleaned between voters. Voter ID is required, the commission says most voters will be able to keep their masks on, but some voters may be asked to lower their mask to confirm they are who they say they are. Polls open at 7 a.m. tomorrow and are open till 8 p.m.

When it comes to our elections, will West be on our WI ballot? There is a long list of problems that Democrats say they’ve found with Kayne West’s ballot paperwork here in Wisconsin.

Democrats say hundreds of West’s signatures don’t meet the state’s requirement for addresses or voting location. West needs two thousand valid signatures to make the November ballot. He turned-in over 24-hundred on Friday. The Wisconsin Election Commission is not saying when there will be a final ruling.

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