When it comes to inching towards reopening, there are no clear and definite answers and that is the case here locally too.

The City of Chippewa Falls Parks and Recreation Facilities and Programs recently released a system of reopening. These decisions are based on the current County group recommendation of 15 for an inside event and 50 for an outside event.

Also taken into account were the guidelines and recommendations from a number of local, state and national agencies. That information is available on the Chippewa County Public Health Website.

Facilities and Programs have been broken up into three categories, open now, what and see and closed for the summer.

Opening Now will be:

Recreation Programs, Irvine Park Shelter & Bandshell Reservations and lastly Casper Park Baseball & Softball Games for leagues and organizations that have used that facility in the past. These activities will take place as long as group gathering and other guidelines are followed. Event organizers will be asked to sign a waiver to reserve a park facility.

The second category is “what and see”, which are events at the Chippewa Riverfront Park that cannot adhere to the current Group Gathering number.

Lastly “closed for the summer” includes the Outdoor Pool, Splash Pad, Petting Zoo and Irvine Park Activity Building Reservations.

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