The Minneapolis City Council is planning to dismantle their city’s police department.  Mark Mayfield explains.

As demonstrations continue, those on site report mainly peaceful dynamics. Local radio DJ, Scorch from Scorch and The Morning X on 92.9 The X, visited the memorial to George Floyd in Minneapolis and shared these images, saying that “the area was felt calm, and seemed like people were there to spread a message of love.”

Two of the former Minneapolis police officers charged in the killing of George Floyd are reportedly turning on the senior officer accused in the case.  Attorney Earl Gray tells the Today show his client, former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane, was on his fourth day of duty when he responded to the incident involving Floyd on Memorial Day.  He says Lane did not “stand there and watch.”

According to reports, Lane and fellow rookie officer, J.Alexander Kueng, appeared in court Thursday, and blamed senior officer Derek Chauvin for Floyd’s death.  The third junior officer charged in the case has been cooperating with authorities.  All three have been charged with aiding and abetting in Floyd’s killing last month.

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