Another night, saw another vigil for George Floyd here locally. Dozens of people turned out in Eau Claire’s Phoenix Park last night for another gathering to demand justice. There were no police officers and there were no problems. Many in the crowd say they are upset and want to see someone do something.


Jon Demaster brings us the scene from Madison as there were more protests:

In, Milwaukee it stayed a little calmer. The latest night of protests saw large crowds ignore the city’s curfew, but saw less violence than over the weekend. Milwaukee Police say hundreds of people ignored the city’s 9 p.m. curfew last night. They marched until at least 1 a.m., reaching as far north as Whitefish Bay. Milwaukee Police arrested several people for curfew violations. While the crowd was large, police say it was much more peaceful than the riots that Milwaukee saw over the weekend.

Solidarity was a message in Waukesha. A police protest came and went without a hint of a problem. A large crowd marched through the city yesterday. At one point, a handful of officers stopped to kneel with them. The crowd said it wants justice and an end to the murder of black people. No one was arrested, and police say the crowd didn’t cause any problems.\

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