Eau Claire has long been considered a “gem” and once again, the community shines.

In the early stages of the corona virus crisis Lasker Jewelers got together with jewelry designer Dee Berkley to create the Em(Brace)let with a gold charm engraved with “Wear Jewelry, Be Happy.”

“We wanted a bracelet that was affordable and could be worn everyday and reminds the wearer that every piece of jewelry holds a precious meaning or memory,” said Nicole Lasker, CEO of Lasker Jewelers. “We turned to designer Dee Berkley who created a bracelet from Howlite, which is a natural gemstone thought to inspire patience and calmness, which is something we all need during this time.”

 The community responded by purchasing the unique Em(Brace)let while businesses were temporarily closed during sheltering in home order. “People were able to designate Together-Chippewa Valley or Quick Response – Eau Claire when they purchased their Em(Brace)let. We didn’t make any profit on their purchases, rather donated all of the profits locally.

It was a great way for people to donate while getting a memorable piece of jewelry along the way. All of us at Lasker Jewelers want to share a heartfelt “Thank You’ to everyone who purchased these and helped support our community.” 

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