The weekend protests in Eau Claire never turned violent like in other places here in our state.

A few hundred people marched through downtown Eau Claire yesterday. It was one of many protests that have followed George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last week. Organizer Jaylin Carlson says the goal of the entire march was to raise awareness and do it in a peaceful and safe way.

But that wasn’t the story everywhere. Milwaukee Police say another day of protests turned into another night of violence. At least 20 businesses in the city were damaged in the latest round of rioting. There were also clashes with police, including the use of tear gas on a crowd on Martin Luther King and an attack that saw people in Shorewood throw bottles and cans at police. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett ordered a second curfew last night. It’s not clear if he will order another curfew tonight.¬† Milwaukee Police do not have a total for the number of people arrested last night.

And, into our capitol, the weekend riots in Madison may have been worse than what Milwaukee saw. Police say 75 stores in Madison were broken into or damaged, and at least three people were arrested. Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway declared a state of emergency, imposed a curfew last night, and asked for the National Guard.

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