Demonstrators have been out in force across the country, protesting the death of George Floyd during an arrest earlier this week by Minneapolis police. 

A third night of unrest in that city saw a police station set on fire along with an unknown number of other buildings.  Elsewhere, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Phoenix, Arizona last night marching from City Hall to the state Capitol. 

Black Lives Matter activists were on hand in New York’s Times Square and in Denver, Colorado there were some tense moments as a protester was struck by a car. 

Here in our state, Milwaukee will be the latest city to see a protest over a man who died after an altercation with police.

The family of Joel Acevedo, the man who died after a fight with off-duty police officer Michael Mattioli back in April, is planning a news conference and a protest today. Local activist Tory Lowe says the family saw what happened in Minneapolis with the death of a man there, and now wants to do something here.

Prosecutors say Mattioli choked Acevedo after Acevedo tried to steal from him, and Acevedo died about a week later.

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