COVID-19 CLIFF NOTES: 4.20.2020

COVID-19 CLIFF NOTES: 4.20.2020

It’s now past mid-April and we continue to live in a shifting version of “normal.” And as we continue to gather information and stay informed, we aim to lay out the facts clearly, in simple and easy to follow way. That way, you can get the numbers, news, info you want-when you want.

So, to start the week we will start on the big world scene and shrink down to our back yard to get an overview of what we are dealing with right now as we know it.

First of all, COVID19 is the name given to COronaVIrus Disease 2019, for the year that it was first detected. Now that we have that established we will look at the latest cliff notes. From the world stage to here in our own Chippewa Valley.

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WORLD: Drive-in movies are making a comeback because of the pandemic.  “The Hollywood Reporter” says drive-in theaters are thriving in Germany and South Korea, since the pandemic has forced the closure of walk-in cinemas around the world.  Ticket sales at drive-ins in both nations have risen in the last two months, since local laws require citizens to comply with social-distancing measures.  The manager of a theater in Germany says, “It doesn’t matter what we show — people just want to get out and watch a movie.”

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NATIONAL NOTES: President Trump thinks some governors have gone too far with restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Speaking at Sunday’s White House briefing, Trump said some of the measures are “maybe not so appropriate.” His comments came as protests over stay at home orders took place across the country over the weekend.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says a deal for a 300-billion dollar emergency coronavirus relief package for small businesses could get Senate approval today.  The money would re-stock a 350-billion dollar small business loan program that ran out of cash last week.  
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STATE: There continue to be new cases of the coronavirus in Wisconsin, but the numbers are slowing.  The state’s Department Health Services yesterday reported 4,346 confirmed cases and 220 deaths.  DHS says another 45 thousand people have been tested for the virus and cleared.  DHS says Milwaukee County has nearly half of the state’s cases. Dane County, Waukesha County, Kenosha County, and Brown County round-out the top five.

Add Wisconsin to the list of states with protests against the order to stay at home.  About 70 people rallied at the State Capitol yesterday to protest Governor Evers’ Safer at Home order.  That protest came after about a thousand people turned-out in Brookfield on Saturday.  The protesters say it is time to get Wisconsin back to work.  Governor Evers last week extended his Safer at Home order until May 26th.

LOCAL:  The numbers for the coronavirus in the Chippewa Valley haven’t changed. The latest count from the state’s Department of Health Services shows 31 cases in Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn counties. That’s the same as Friday.

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