COVID-19 CLIFF NOTES: 04.08.2020

COVID-19 CLIFF NOTES: 04.08.2020

As we are at the mid week point in what we were warned would be a bad week, we will take a look at the cliff notes-AND there are some points of light that might be showing at the end of the tunnel as well.

As we follow the latest of the world pandemic, there is a lot (A LOT!) of information to digest, we will break it down from the larger (World) scope and work our way here to the Chippewa Valley and our own back yard and day to day lives. Trying to outline the basics and keep the information accurate, bite size, and easy to follow.

First of all, COVID19 is the name given to COronaVIrus Disease 2019, for the year that it was first detected. Now that we have that established we will look at the latest cliff notes.


WORLD:  France is now the fourth country to lose 10-thousand people to coronavirus.  That includes more than 14-hundred at hospitals and nursing homes just in the past 24 hours.  This is the fourth week of a lockdown and Paris took more action by banning outdoor exercise for most of the day.  Italy was the first to hit the grim milestone of 10-thousand followed by Spain and the U.S.

WHAT ABOUT CHINA? The city where coronavirus started is now getting back to normal.  China first reported the coronavirus outbreak in December and shut down a month later.  Now, the 11-week lockdown is officially over.  Drivers in Wuhan were lined up before midnight waiting for highways to reopen.   All 11-million residents can leave once they’re cleared.  The Chinese government will still track their movement and health status.


NATIONAL: Tuesday was a dark and very deadly day in the U.S. as more than 18-hundred people died from COVID-19. It’s a record for coronavirus deaths in one country in a single day. There have been around 400-thousand confirmed cases and nearly 13-thousand deaths in this country.


STATE:  There are new cases of the coronavirus in Wisconsin, but not nearly as many new cases as last week. The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday said that two-thousand-681 people have been confirmed to have the virus. That’s only about 100 more people than the day before. Wisconsin’s coronavirus death toll is at 95. DHS says more than 28-thousand people have now been tested and cleared.

LOCAL:  Eau Claire’s coronavirus count is holding steady. The city-county health department yesterday didn’t report any new cases.



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