Students in Production Photography taught by senior lecturer in the communication technologies department, Keif Oss, stylized and photographed jack, gouda, flavored soft cheese and cheese curds for the company as part of a classroom project.

Some of the pictures called for Cajun and garlic and herb flavoring on the curds. “We first tried to roll the cheese curds around in the flavoring,” said Solsaa. “It did not work. They did not look right.”

UW-Stout production photography students shot different types of cheese for Rybicki Cheese in the Mall of America that will be used on the company’s website and for other promotional purposes.

Students then figured out that they needed to put the curds in a plastic bag with the seasoning and shake them to create a covering that looked better in photographs.

Students also battled with using paper backgrounds that would absorb some of the moisture from the curds and affect the photos.

They are creating images for the Rybicki website, as well as videos showing people enjoying cheese, Oss said. Some of the images may be used in point of purchase displays or signage in the store at the Mall of America.

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