It’s that time again…

Smell the coffee, cramming, and college chaos in the air. Ahhhh….There is always an excitement surrounding the return of students. Whether you are new to town or returning from a summer away, here we go again. We’re happy you are here.

So, welcome! We hope you didn’t lose your mind during the move-in process and we would love to be your go-to for the latest updates and headlines around our area.

Maybe the glasses will help me understand this?

At the 715 Newsroom we know you are busy and can appreciate being informed by “scrolling” while you wait in line for a latte. You do that. We do news.

News that doesn’t bore you, but keeps you on top of what is going on in our community. We are not “fake” news. We are sometimes “fun” news. And we are always here to hear what you have to say-so keep us handy and stay in touch.

Now, go explore your city…and welcome to college!

You have arrived in the 7-1-5.


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