On Saturday, June 15, at approximately 4:42 am, an eastbound semi tractor trailer driven by 31 year old Singh Mangat overturned on I94 near Milepost 28. There was also a 54 year old passenger in the semi.

The vehicle came to rest in lane 2 (the right lane) of the eastbound lanes.
Traffic was able to continue to pass by the scene in lane 1. (The left lane.) A work zone was set up by the St. Croix County Highway department and the semi unit was uprighted and towed from the scene at 11:12 am.

As the unit was being removed, it was discovered that the roadway had
sustained damage, so the St. Croix County Highway department made the necessary repairs and both lanes were completely opened for traffic at 11:47 am. During the recovery, slowed traffic passing by the scene caused a backup queue to develop as far back as Milepost 24.

Once both lanes opened the queue quickly diminished and it was cleared by 12:01 pm. The cause of the crash is being investigated by the WI State Patrol.

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