The Chippewa County Historical Society (CCHS) is pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Historical Society has scheduled an April 25, 6:00 pm information meeting about the proposed West Hill Residential Historic District. An invitation has been sent to property owners along with a map of the potential district.

Chippewa County has a rich history reflected in architecture. A 1985 Architectural and Historic Survey Report identified more than 150 structures in this potential district. The CCHS assisted with that early survey report by providing illustrations, photographs and maps. The CCHS also supported the Bridge Street Commercial District nomination that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. That district includes 33 contributing properties that were built over a period of seven decades, from 1873 to 1943.

One of the focal points of the proposed district is the Cook Rutledge Mansion and property. The CCHS was instrumental in preserving that property. Later the Society transferred the property to the Cook Rutledge Mansion Board of Trustees.

When listed, this district will be another nationally recognized historic attraction for area residents and visitors.  

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