UPDATE: Aaron J. Miller was arrested on the afternoon of April 11, 2019, in Rice Lake and transported to Barron County Jail. Miller is being held on charges of two counts of Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Owner’s Consent, Misdemeanor Theft, Criminal Damage to Property and Felony Bail Jumping.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department is looking for a man suspected of stealing cars. 


The sheriff’s department says one car was stolen from Barron on Tuesday and was found burned up in the Cornstock area in the western part of the county.  Another car was later reported stolen from the same area.  Deputies say they believe Aaron Miller is responsible.  Anyone who has any information on him is asked to call the sheriff’s department. 

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  • Aaron is a good man 👍 there is so much curuption aaround and he is not complete missing part of his brain it was hurt at a young age I Christy Lee garris can prove it and I will stand by him always I know who he is r lease him now and keep him safe he’s a decent man under attack like me I have to be invisable get rid of the ppl around him hurting him everyday u release him Jesus Christ 🙏 I am and I demand it wanna prove it check my bloods his too I’ll prove it our dna matches bet


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