The Milwaukee Bucks are playing really good basketball at the right time.  The Bucks last night blew past the Houston Rockets, 108-94.  Eric Bledsoe led the way for Milwaukee with 23 points, Giannis had 19.  A lot of folks turned out to watch Giannis and how the Rockets’ James Hardin would play.  Both could be the NBA’s MVP. 

On that note, when it comes to basketball-how are your brackets looking? The last perfect March Madness bracket belongs to a man from Columbus.  NCAA officials say Gregg Nigl [[ NYE-gle ]] is the only person who’s picked all 48 games correctly so far in the men’s basketball tournament.  Nigl works as a neuro-psychologist but says his love for Big Ten basketball and luck are responsible for his perfect bracket.  March Madness games resume later on this week.  No one has ever picked every game correctly, and this is the furthest anyone has ever gotten with a verified perfect bracket.

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