We have an update on a man missing since November. 29 year old James B. Liedtka was reported missing to the Eau Claire Police Department on Monday November 5th, after last seen with friends on Water Street the weekend prior.

According to Liedtka’s telephone records, his last activity was on November 4, 2018 at 8:25 pm. The GPS coordinates provided by the telephone company led the police to the 1100 block of Menomonie Street near the Chippewa River.

Eau Claire Police Detectives have reviewed video surveillance footage from six businesses in the area of Water Street. Liedtka was alone the entire time he was seen on video. At 1:13am on November 4, 2018 Liedtka was seen walking eastbound behind the Pickle Tavern towards the bike trail. He was wearing a baseball cap, maroon t-shirt, and jeans.

The Eau Claire Police Department has conducted four ground searches, and three water searches. The Eau Claire Fire Department and Bruce’s Legacy assisted with the water searches using advanced sonar and imaging equipment.

Eau Claire Police Department Detectives have searched Liedtka’s financial records, and have conducted numerous interviews with friends, family members, and witnesses. The information received from the financial records and interviews are consistent with the date and location of Liedtka’s disappearance.

Liedtka’s residences in Menomonie and Eau Claire were also searched. During the searches, Detectives were looking for any additional information regarding Liedtka’s disappearance. Nothing was located at either residence to indicate Liedtka was having issues with anyone, or that anything suspicious was involved in his disappearance.

In the four months since Liedtka has been missing, the Eau Claire Police Department has remained in continual contact with Liedtka’s father. We have kept him apprised of every part of the investigation, and have made sure his concerns were and are being heard. The investigation remains active with Detectives following up on all leads.

The Eau Claire Police Department does not suspect anyone of being involved Liedtka’s disappearance. No search efforts are planned in the immediate future due to current conditions in the area Liedtka was last observed. If you have any information of Liedtka’s whereabouts, please contact the Eau Claire Police Department.

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