Travel is not advised after a night of heavy snowfall- and what about those busy crews? Eau Claire snow plow drivers have been working 15 straight 12-hour days to clear roads.  Street Maintenance Manager Steven Thompson says crews haven’t had enough time between snowfalls to haul the snow away.  Removal requires trucks to switch out the plows and the salting and sanding equipment.  Thompson says areas with narrow lanes will be prioritized and hauled away as soon as possible. 

Nearly two feet of snow accumulation is responsible for collapsing the roof of an Eau Claire business.  The roof of a heavy duty tent at Randy’s Auto Sale and Salvage fell over the weekend.  Workers were able to cut the tarp on the ceiling themselves and remove the snow’s weight to avoid further damage.  The tent was purchased a month ago as a place to store parts for the winter. 

Body shops in Eau Claire are getting overwhelmed as vehicles damaged in the snow and ice flood in.  On top of the high volume of work, the weather is delaying parts deliveries causing mechanics to fall behind.  Some business owners expect to be backed up into March. 

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