The 911 call from the people who helped Jayme Closs after she escaped from her kidnapper has been released.  In the call, Kristin Kasinskas [[ kuh-ZINS-kes ]] tells the dispatcher that Jayme Closs is in her home and provides her address.  Kasinskas stays on the phone with the dispatcher and can be heard offering Closs food and water in the background.  The dispatcher also spoke to the woman who was walking her dog when Closs approached her for help.  The call lasted approximately 30 minutes with the dispatcher continuing to gather information about Closs’ experience while authorities make their way to the home. 

A criminal complaint released yesterday details how 21-year-old Jake Patterson planned and executed the kidnapping of Jayme Closs and the murder of her parents.  Court documents say Patterson planned the kidnapping after seeing her get off a bus one day and had gone to the Closs home twice before his successful attempt with the intention to kidnap her. He put stolen license plates on his vehicle, shaved his face and his head, and purchased a mask.  On October 15th, he shot her father James through a window before breaking into the house, tying up Jayme, then shooting her mother Diane. Patterson put Jayme in his trunk and drove her to his home in Gordon where he kept her under a bed for up to 12 hours a day.  Jayme escaped the cabin Thursday and found help from a woman walking her dog. 

Jayme Closs is reunited with her family, but faces a long road to healing.  An expert from UW-Stout says the first step in the process is for time to pass as Jayme processes her experience and the deaths of her parents at her own speed.  Dr. John Klem is a psychologist at UW-Stout and says support will be key for her recovery as begins to adjust her perception of how safe the world is.  He recommends that people who see her out as she returns to school and other activities treat her like a normal 13-year-old and not ask her questions about her experience, letting her share in her own time. 

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