The close-knit community of Barron, Wisconsin can breathe a sigh of relief as 13-year-old Jayme Closs is safe and getting medical treatment.  Police say she was taken to the hospital in Douglas County and held for observation, but medical officials are clearing her to begin the interview process with detectives.  They are hoping she will be brought back to Barron County this afternoon and reunited with her family members and loved ones. 

Law enforcement officials say Closs was able to escape captivity from a home in the remote area of Gordon, Wisconsin in the northern part of the state and find someone to call 911.  Law enforcement identified the suspect at 21-year-old Jake Patterson and located him in a vehicle just up the street from his residence.  Police say she was abducted by Patterson, who was hiding in her family’s home, after he killed both of her parents.  Both local and federal law enforcement has been working around the clock for the last 88 days looking for a break in the case, which was ultimately provided by Jayme, herself. 

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