There will be plenty of celebrating across the state as Wisconsinites ring in 2019.  Police warn that there will be many areas where roads are slick because of ice and snowy conditions.  They’re also giving drivers a heads-up that the Wisconsin State Police have boosted patrols on the roads looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Drive Sober App will find your location and give you a list of designated driver services, ride-shares, taxis and buses in your area. 

Meanwhile, while the 2018 tank runs on empty… Heading into the New Year, Triple-A says the average cost of regular gas is down 41-cents-a-gallon in Wisconsin compared to a year ago.  The price for regular statewide today is two-dollars-and-four-cents a gallon.  Nationally, drivers are paying two-26-a-gallon for regular.  The least expensive gas can be found for a-dollar-93 a gallon in Fond du Lac and the highest prices are posted in Pierce-St. Croix County at two-26.

New Year’s celebrations often include shooting off fireworks and state officials are urging Wisconsinites to use caution.  Wisconsin state law allows the sale, possession and use of a variety of fireworks, including sparklers, stationary cones, fountains, toy snakes and smoke bombs.  A permit is needed to shoot off firecrackers, Roman candles, bottle rockets and mortars or any type of firework that explodes or leaves the ground. 

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