Despite public outcry, Wisconsin Republican lawmakers areadvancing legislation to scale back the power of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.  The legislation would also limit early voting and change the date of the 2020 primary to help a conservative judge keep his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers asked in written testimony that Republicans abandon their lame-duck session and stop trying to undo the outcome of November’s election.  A vote on the legislation is expected today. 

Governor Walker is signaling his support for a sweeping Republican plan to limit the powers of the incoming governor and attorney general as part of a lame-duck session.  Walker indicated that he supports the plan offered by Republican legislative leaders that gives more power to the Legislature in connection with spending and legal decisions, removing some veto authority from Governor-elect Evers.  The legislation could go to a vote today. 

One of the Legislature’s top Republicans says he helped write far-reaching legislation that would limit the authority of the incoming Democratic governor because his party doesn’t trust Tony Evers.  Speaking yesterday, he called the outrage from Democrats “manufactured.”  The plan faces a vote as early as today. 

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