Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers are drawing clear lines on where they stand on issues like immigration, taxes, school funding, and roads.  The two candidates for governor met in their first televised debate Friday.  Walker emphasized that he was proud to be governor and wanted to “finish the job” in the next four years, while downplaying criticism from a fourth former cabinet member.  Evers called Walker a career politician and says the state needs a change.  The Democrat also downplayed plagiarism accusations. 

Governor Walker is sharing his message in Chippewa Falls.  Walker stopped through town yesterday speaking about the importance of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.  His opponent, Tony Evers, responded saying Walker is suing to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. 

State schools Superintendent Tony Evers is facing accusations of plagiarism in recent budget requests.  Republicans released records yesterday that documented three more instances in which Evers submitted budget requests with passages taken nearly word-for-word from other sources without giving proper credit.  Governor Walker tweeted several times attacking Evers for the plagiarized passages.  Evers said at a campaign stop in Milwaukee yesterday that his staff had made a mistake by failing to provide the proper citations. 

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