Say it with me now: “Awwwwwww!!!”
From the seeds of love to the roots of a life together, couples who were married at Dixon’s Apple Orchard in Chippewa County last year are returning to the place where they said “I do.”
The owners of Dixon’s Apple Orchard and Wedding Venue, Jim and Becky Mullane, have invited all of the couples who were married at the orchard to come back and plant an apple tree together.
This is the third annual event where they are giving back to couples by planting trees as a symbol of the tradition of love happening at Dixon’s. “Rooted in a purer time,” is the motto at Dixon’s Apple Orchard, and this is a memorable event for couples and their families. Guests will ride out to the orchard by wagon and will place a memory placard on a tree they plant together.
Dozens of new couples are planning their weddings for 2018, 2019 and even 2020. Some will say their vows in the orchard, some among the towering trees in the woodland “cathedral,” and others will gather around the pond setting to be married on the island.

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